Housing Justice + Tenant Power

— KC Tenants

Far too often, housing policy decisions that affect tenants are made without including tenants.

HouseUS believes in supporting tenant organizing and tenant power as a pathway towards achieving safe, affordable, sustainable housing for all.

Bringing together:

Our work intends to support & connect organizing efforts across geographies and win concrete changes at the local, state, and federal levels.

We are a pooled philanthropic fund working to help build and support the national movement for housing justice by centering the experience & leadership of people of color and the communities most impacted by housing insecurity.

We address the root causes of housing inequality by supporting basebuilding, movement infrastructure, and federal campaign work to demand systemic change.


Providing unrestricted, multi-year funding to organizing groups and statewide housing justice coalitions to mobilize communities and advocate for reform.


Identifying and meeting cross-organizational needs for research, communications support, and technical assistance around policy advocacy among groups in the housing justice movement.

Connecting Local & National

Strengthening community and BIPOC-led voices at the federal level to engage with HUD, Treasury, and other administrative officials to push for tenant rights and protections and secure executive branch commitments to housing justice.

— Tenant leaders with the Homes Guarantee campaign at People’s Action

Winning concrete change at the local, state, and federal levels.